Why Stay Anchored?

Why is it important to stay anchored? Easy! To ensure you do not drift from your desired position when the tide sets in. My memory on Facebook today is this picture and I clearly remember the day I posted that. I was drifting away because I neglected being anchored. I was starting to drift away from my purpose, plans and promises and I needed to be reminded.

What needs to be anchored:

1.Your Purpose
2. Your Plans
3. Your Promises


What are the things that only you can do? Be a mother to your children, a child to your parents, a friend, a brother or a sister. If you don’t know your purpose statement or REASON for being on earth, just take a moment and recognise who is in close proximity to you. What names do you carry? ‘Mom, friend, brother, lover.’ This is not a perfect indicator but can work for now. If you could just anchor yourself in these roles again, you might discover the sense of significance you feel you have ‘lost’.


Never underestimate the power of planning. Remind yourself of the dreams and visions you had of your preferred future. Grab that journal, notebook or file that represents some sort of future your imagined. It can be as small as- call my mother– to resign and start that business. Re-visit those plans, get back to the start, if you have to and anchor yourself to your point A. Unless you see the starting point, you cannot see the possibility of point B.


You owe yourself a YES. You owe yourself the things that you promised yourself you would have and accomplish. There is this bible scripture where God says: Remind ME of My promises I made to you. It is not because He forgot and is forgetful in any way. No, it is because we forget and loose our sense of expectation. Anchor yourself again in the promises God made to you and those you made unto yourself. Be excited again about what is coming and what is possible!

Do not drift away with the currents. Try your best not to live life in survival mode. Stop being tossed to and fro with every new or next thing that sounds like ‘this is it’. 

Stay anchored my friend.

 Live within your purpose, follow your plans and expect the blessings His promises will bring.

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