Why do you need Coaching?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Don’t think about the cost, think about investing in your future self. A session of 60 min starts at R500 and will translate into a valuable investment.

  • First we check in and celebrate wins and talk about your needs.
  • Next, we touch on your goals and plans you’ve set out to reach.
  • We spend time on your  coaching requests.
  • We talk about the action steps you need to take.
  • Lastly, how I can support you and keep you accountable.
  • We book our next meeting.

It depends on you as the client. Changing and reaching goals takes time. I suggest 3-10 sessions for optimal change. But you can book 1 if you want to.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on the principle that everyone has all the resources needed to make positive changes in their lives.  This change technique assists individuals to enhance their performance by controlling their emotional state and staying focused on their goals and desired outcomes. By learning the language of your mind, NLP encourages individuals to recognise their sensory sensitivities and to optimally apply these sensitivities in order to respond to a challenge.

our approach

Creating change from an objective perspective


Change is an inevitable part of life and although change can be beneficial, it is not always easy.

Have you recently come to the conclusion that you have reached a dead-end in your business or your career and are unsure which route to take? Through coaching, I can help you navigate through this season of change, explore different avenues and assist you in reaching your goals and preferred future.


We are often confronted with a variety of voices and opinions that influence our thought processes and decision making. Unfortunately, not all of these people are completely objective and often have agenda’s of their own.

As a coach, my role is be an objective sound board with only your best interest at heart. I believe that you are a resourceful human being and I strive to help you reach your full potential.

So get in touch with me today!

Use the form on my contact page, email me directly, call or Whatsapp me to get in touch. Take the first step and welcome change. Today is your day. Take a step!

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