Impressing VS Impacting ZONE

Over the years of serving people I found myself caught-up in the ‘IMPRESSING people mode’. This is a very scary position for anyone to be in, because this might limit our impact on individuals. I love to see people grow and developed and I was truly convinced that my efforts translated into IMPACT.

But I was wrong!

If you focus on what people think about you, you automatically place the focus on yourself and not on the individual you are trying to impact.

Questions to keep you in the IMPACT ZONE:

1. If you ask yourself: What’s in it for me? You are missing the plot! Rather ask yourself: How can I add value to this person or situation?

2. Ask yourself: Am I more concerned about my outcome and my ego or the positive outcome of the individual?

3. Are you more interested in challenging the person in-front of you to grow or are you afraid to tell them the truth and this might leave them not liking you so much?

4. At the end of a conversations or meeting, does the person walk away impressed by your abilities and qualities or do they feel better about themselves?

5. Is your worth determined by the praises of the people you are serving or do you find it in knowing your self worth?

Do yourself a favour and move from the impressing zone to the IMPACTING ZONE. Rather be impressed by the people you get in contact with.

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