Opportunity or Responsibility

The way you view life will determine your approach towards life. So many times we see our responsibilities as things we should do, not because we really want to but because we have to.

After listening to a talk by Seth Godin I was challenged in how I view and take on my current responsibilities. What if you could see your job, parenting, teaching moments, friendship and relationships as opportunities to add value and change a life!

Here are some 3 ways to turn your responsibilities into a great opportunity:

1. Change your approach: See everyday task as a new opportunity. Don’t look at it as yet another chore, meeting or entry on your ‘to-do-list’. Stop approaching it as something that you need to put behind you to carry on with your day. Ask yourself: What opportunity do I have to add value NOW?

2. Find the why: The moment I realize ‘why’ I do things it takes the ‘effort’ out of it. If I can remind myself: If I give efficient attention to this relationship or task it will not only get done but I can increase the value or strengthen that relationship. Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? For what reason?

3. Look for growth: Your attitude determines your altitude. Such a true statement. When you start with the correct frame of mind, I can guarantee you, your outcome will be positive. Adjust how and what you do and say in small ways and circumstances. This seed you have sowed will grow into a great harvest. Ask yourself: How can I do this better?

If you are a mother, use every hour spend with your child as an opportunity for growth and development. What you impart today will help form their character. If you are a boss or leader, ask yourself WHY did I want to do this in the first place and stay there!

If you see your spouse, partner or friend find areas for growth. Not only in yourself but growth in your relationship. Serving someone is an opportunity not only a responsibility.

Change your approach, remind yourself WHY you decided to quit, get married, move or said yes. In the midst of it all, always find new ways to grow!

But I was wrong!

If you focus on what people think about you, you automatically place the focus on yourself and not on the individual you are trying to impact.

Questions to keep you in the IMPACT ZONE:

1. If you ask yourself: What’s in it for me? You are missing the plot! Rather ask yourself: How can I add value to this person or situation?

2. Ask yourself: Am I more concerned about my outcome and my ego or the positive outcome of the individual?

3. Are you more interested in challenging the person in-front of you to grow or are you afraid to tell them the truth and this might leave them not liking you so much?

4. At the end of a conversations or meeting, does the person walk away impressed by your abilities and qualities or do they feel better about themselves?

5. Is your worth determined by the praises of the people you are serving or do you find it in knowing your self worth?

Do yourself a favour and move from the impressing zone to the IMPACTING ZONE. Rather be impressed by the people you get in contact with.

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