Understanding Character

I have often wondered about the concept of character. I have heard that in many ways character weighs more than competence. Meaning, even if you are incompetent to perform a certain function or job, the fact that you are a man or woman of character will keep you there. Crazy right.

We do not buy material things with character in mind. We buy with the primary focus on competency. The phone must be able to do what I need it to do. On the other hand, we marry, partner and befriend CHARACTER. Why? Because it is so much more important to be a good person then to be a person that do things well. We do not use people, we love people. Therefore character in essence weighs much more then competence.

What do I understand about character? Here’s a few things connected to character, it is by no means everything, but it does unpack character a bit. Here goes:

1. Be a person of principle. – Know and stick to your standards.

2. Have a set of high values. – What you value will have your attention.

3. Be a Person of Respect. – You earn this by the great example you set for others.

4. Have Self-Respect. – Know your worth and don’t sacrifice it for shortcuts.

5. Have a Healthy foundation. – Know your origin, what is your genesis?

I want to motivate and challenge you today. Work on yourself. Build yourself up. Find your feet and let go of wavering beliefs about yourself. You were formed by hands that had character in mind. Nothing about you is a mistake, it is sometimes just missed-placed. Go ahead, run after character. Be a person of character.

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