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Peace in the Eye of the Storm

We all can agree that it is not business as usual now. Covid-19 has impacted so many lives, households and businesses. It is no wonder we say things like: NEW NORMALDeep down I don’t want new, because I really liked the old. I liked having coffee at my favourite coffee-shop. I loved eating sushi at the mall and I truly enjoyed galivanting in Cape Town for the day. I was just finding my feet with my brand new coaching business that is nearly one year old. Life was good and I was finding my rhythm. 

Then Covid-19 happened!

Anyway! I know I am not the only one going through this new reality and I realise more than ever how much we need faith. Faith and hope for the unknown journey that lies ahead. The thing is, I always thought I had faith! When I write or talk about faith and hope, please understand that I am referring to faith in God. My religion or rather my belief is that I belong to an eternal BEING.
Some might call Him – THE UNIVERSE – but I refer to Him as FATHER.

Having faith means many things but in this context I am referring to trust in God to help and support you. Meaning, we lean on HIM. We do not look too or trust our in own abilities and strengths, we believe that when HE is in in the picture, everything will be OK!

Since Covid-19 and my lack of income and the ability to go out and meet with clients I found myself freaking out. Continuously stressing, anxiously searching for ways to create income and trying to improve my skill and tiredly contemplating new business ideas and ways to get finances. I am in a storm, water is filling up the boat, I cannot see in front of me and I am convinced that I am about to sink. This ship is going down.

If you know or have read the bible, there is this story of the disciples that was traveling by boat to the new destination. That night, as they were sailing, they found themselves in a storm. Wind was blowing heavily, the waves crashing into the boat, filling it up. Sinking and even drowning was evident. What do they do? They go and wake up Jesus who was SLEEPING in the cabin. By His word He calms the storm and it ceased. He then asks them: “Why are you fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

Honestly, I’ve always judged those disciples. I’ve always thought that they did not recognise WHO was with them. The author and owner of the wind and the waters were on the boat. The one with an eternal destiny and perfect authority were present. He was a passenger and I judged them because I felt they missed that. They lacked peace in the storm because they underestimated the potential of His presence.

Today I understand their predicament. I understand how it feels to loose hope and faith in the eye of the storm. I have more compassion for them today because I have forgotten the potential of His presence in my life and in my little boat in the midst of this storm. Prayer helps! It is the action of ‘waking up Jesus’ and asking Him to calm THIS storm. As He talks down this storm, He smiles at us and like the disciples He questions our FEAR and lack of FAITH.

Remind yourself every day no matter how big and fearful this storm might be, do not underestimate the power of His presence in your life. Be FAITHFUL and choose today to be full of FAITH.

How to overcome fear:
1. Pray.
2. Remind yourself to surrender to the Father.
3. He is for you, not against you.
4. He is PEACE in the eye of the storm.

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