Peace or Paralyzing Fear?

How do you make difficult decision? How do you weigh your options?. How do you know it is the right decision, career opportunity or even relationship? For me it is very important to be led by PEACE. I have always trusted my heart more than my head.

I don’t know your track record on choosing the correct partner, career or opportunity but I know I have made some wrong choices in my life. We need to fail sometimes and we also need to learn from those experiences. Sometimes knowing what you do not like, helps you discover what you actually do like or prefer. Today I want to talk about paralyzing fear vs peace.

It is very important to know the difference between these two. Peace is not the absence of obstacles. Peace on the inside of your soul does not mean peace on the outside. To tell yourself that every relationship, career or environment must be without obstacles or opposition is almost the same as expecting a new born baby without any crying. Babies cry, but you accept it and love them anyway. You accept that with the ‘wow’ moments there will be a lot ‘not-so-wow‘ moments.

So peace is not without external obstacles. Peace is what centers you on the inside and allows you to be BRAVE. What is dangerous is when we confuse external opposition with internal fear. Fear is the opposite of peace. Fear paralysis you! In your attempt to escape external opposition we actually run to a position of fear disguised ‘as’ peace. We are convinced that if we experience any resistance from people or feel opposed in any way, our conclusion is: we have lost our inner peace. Peace has left the building and our next conclusion is: This was the wrong decision, I have to leave, run or hide. 

We fear the conflict that relationships and change brings and we decide to disengage, say goodbye and leave environments and jobs because we think we are clinging to our INNER PEACE. We do not realise that it is not PEACE, it is actually PARALYSIS. We choose the absence of conflict and opposition because we think external peace equals inner peace. It does not.

Just because you are uncomfortable or feel fear does not you mean you shouldn’t engage. You need to be brave and do it. Jump! Leap! Grow. When you give in to that paralysis you are actually giving in to fear.

The paralysis that fear creates is FAKE PEACE. What you want is INTERNAL PEACE amidst EXTERNAL CONFLICT OR RESISTANCE. This is where we need to be BRAVE and not give in to fear.

Do not confuse paralysis of your soul, emotions and actions with inner peace.
It is not the same thing. If you need help to discern, let’s talk! Click here or WhatsApp me.


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