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When is loosing OK?

If you knew me at all, you would know that I loath loosing. Whether it’s money, an argument, a game and even respect! Let’s be honest, who likes loosing? Nobody, but it still happens to us almost every day. In order for someone to win, the other needs to loose, as simple and complicated as that.

When is loosing OK? It is when you have nothing to loose. It becomes the moment of all in, if I don’t go all the way, give it all, invest it all then winning will not be possible. Loosing becomes acceptable  when you come to the place where you have nothing to loose.

So many times we try to win praise, acceptance or protect our reputation. We play it safe, we stay in the swallow end, never really brave enough to wonder into the deep. What I have realised on this wonderful journey we call life is that if you are ‘in it to win it’ you have to be OK with loosing. If you don’t try you might  never taste victory because you fear loosing more. Life is ‘kinda’ like that. It’s hard, it hurts but at the same time it is beautiful. I  prefer the tears of joy because of the breakthrough after a very long season of frustration, over the tears of pain and regret because I never tried.

I want to encourage you to reach that point where you have NOTHING TO LOOSE. Meaning, learn to let go of what you think safety is now and play as if winning was the only option. Learn the art of facing the fear of loosing everything and perfect the skill of risking it all. I am not referring to irresponsible money management or crazy uncalculated risks. I am talking about making peace with loosing along the way of progress and victory.

When is loosing OK?

  1. When you have given your very best.
  2. When you have made some real sacrifices.
  3. When you took a calculated risk and the outcome changed.
  4. When you took a swing at something and the target moved.
  5. When you have no strength to continue and you are done. It is OK.

May we learn to play as though we have NOTHING TO LOOSE and learn to bet on ourselves, as though  we’ve never LOST BEFORE.

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